You (or your child) are struggling with English, Socials or History in High School.
English is your second language and you cannot get that “A” no matter what you do,
Your English skills are fair but you are preparing for admittance to a U.S. University and you need to prepare for the SAT,
You are facing a major quiz or must complete a project on a Novel, Play or Poetry series,
You are struggling with IB/AP courses,
You need a quick edit on your essay (high school or university level),
You need an outline (or inspiration) for a 2 or 3 Novel project,


The idea behind this website is simple:
Imagine you are entering a big library, owned and operated by teachers with many (if not all) the answers. You have a difficult project and you need real guidance, not just “suggestions” – we are here to offer you access to exclusive resources, give you start-up ideas for your project and look over (edit) your project (essay) once you are done. Access to the website’s resources is for members only and membership is highly affordable. Plus, you are in constant contact with the tutors and can ask questions which will be answered within hours, not days. All the resources I offer are in downloadable (PDF) format so they are not easily accessible to outsiders. You can draw inspiration from these resources and even use some of the ideas in your essays without fearing that your teachers will accuse you of plagiarism.

If you need a study plan but don’t want at-home tutoring, we can develop personalized lessons which you would complete at home. Once you have completed a lesson (which typically includes vocabulary, reading comprehension and a writing (essay) assignment), you send it to us, we offer feedback and point out the things you need to work on. You can do this at your pace (from 1 to 4 lessons per week) and for a very reasonable cost. Our lessons vary from simple grammar practice to SAT, LPI and Provincial Exam (BC) preparation. SKYPE sessions with experienced tutors are available.

If you want to graduate early or want some free time, you can choose to take some ONLINE COURSES (such as English 11 & 12, SOCIALS 11, PLANNING 10, HISTORY 12) and we can help you be successful in these.

If you are writing your U.S. UNIVERSITY APPLICATION ESSAYS and need an editor or simply need some ideas as to what you should write about, we can help with that as well. Our students have been admitted to universities such as NYU, Columbia, UPenn, Harvard, and UCLA.

Many websites offer lesson plans but the reality is that each student has individual needs and no pre-established formula works for everyone. Yet, not everyone has the time (or the funds) to hire an at-home tutor or join an after-school learning center. Many students only need help with certain novels, or during the months prior to the final exams. What are the odds of finding a good tutor available on such short notice? And what about those times when you realize you have a quiz on “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Monday and it’s already Saturday night?
Through the website, tutors are available more or less 24/7 so you can ask a question and receive an answer within hours.

All our tutors are qualified and experienced at delivering online lessons and editing written work.

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