To His Love (Shakespeare)

  • Posted on: 27 December 2010
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Sound devices and figures of speech.
The poem is a sonnet therefore it is written in iambic pentameter, having each unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable, with ten syllables per line.
In a lover’s eyes the woman is more beautiful than nature. The Shakespearean poem expresses an amazing feeling that was so much written about and yet never fully expressed: love. The magical feelings of love and admiration a man feels for the woman he wants are presented through a comparison with the most beautiful days of nature. The lover finds it that even nature is flawed because sometimes in spring the winds are too strong, or summer days can get too hot but his lover’s beauty and charm are flawless.
The author praises his love for a woman (idea not clear but suggested) and he starts by comparing her with a summer day. As he analyzes further he ends up concluding that the woman of his dreams is lovelier than a summer’s day because even a summer day has its imperfections: sometimes in May the winds are too strong or the sun is too hot and ends up burning the eyes. On the contrary, his lover is perfect; so fair that she cannot be compared with the changing course of nature. The lover is said to be like an eternal summer that will not fade or change in beauty as time passes. As long as men will breathe and eyes will be able to see that is how long the author says his love will remain unchanged.
- Setting -
There is no clear indication of the setting; the lover simply gets directly into sharing his feelings for his lover
- Topic -
Love and the declaring of love towards a woman whose beauty is unparalleled.
- Speaker -
The speaker is a lover who declares his feelings for a woman.
- Situation -
There is no indication of what the physical situation is – maybe the lover could praise the poem as a serenade outside his lover’s window – but it is declaration of love.
- Resolution -
We don’t know, but the conclusion is that the woman will remain unchanged in her beauty as far as her lover is concerned
- Tone -
Happy, in love, cheerful, exalted and praising.