To James

  • Posted on: 26 January 2011
  • By: admin

To James
by Frank Horne

Do you remember
how you won
that last race...?
how you flung your body
at the start...
how your spikes
ripped the cinders
in the stretch...
how you catapulted
through the tape...
do you remember?
Don’t you think
I lurched with you
out of those starting holes...?
Don’t you think
my sinews tightened
at those first
few strides...
and when you flew into the stretch
was not all my thrill
of a thousand races
in your blood...?
At your final drive
through the finish line
did not my shout
tell of the triumphant ecstasy
of victory...?
as I have taught you
to run, Boy -
it’s a short dash.
Dig your starting holes
deep and firm
lurch out of them
into the straightaway
with all the power
that is in you
look straight ahead
to the finish line
think only of the goal
run straight
run high
run hard
save nothing
and finish
with an ecstatic burst
that carries you
through the tape
to victory...