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I Home-School my children and I found the Socials 10 & Socials 11 Lessons very effective when it comes to teaching B.C. Curriculum. The notes are very simple and the questions and answers for each chapter are a great tool for reviews. I think they are very helpful in preparation for Provincial Exams.

Janie V. (Burnaby, B.C)

I found the Shakespeare notes for Macbeth really awesome when I had to do a school project. I also used other notes for short stories and poems as a starting point when I was trying to figure out some difficult homeworks.

Jae M. (Vancouver, B.C.)

Miss. S. (ComplexTutoring Online Tutor) helped me prepare for the Provincial Exam for English 10 and then for English 12. I did really well and I liked her style and her lesson plans!

Alice B. (Vancouver, B.C.)

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