Many times we get parents asking us to expand their children's horizons by teaching them new things. We recognize that learning English means more than learning the rules of grammar and spelling. Learning English means being able to read diverse materials in this language and learning new facts, thus expanding one's general knowledge in different fields. Some of the most important things young people must learn relate to being able to recognize CONCEPTS, PEOPLE & EVENTS that are significant to human history. The following short readings will do just that: expand young learners' general knowledge and give them a broader view of human history. We have selected amazing readings from the following topics for your enjoyment!

[1] Introduction to Human History
[2] Human Ancestors
[3] Prehistoric Man and Tools
[4] Hieroglyphics
[5] The Nile Valley civilization & Pyramids
[6] Egypt: Rise & Fall
[7] Mesopotamia
[8] The Sumerians
[9] Moses
[10] The Phoenicians
[11] Indo-Europeans
[12] Aegean Sea
[13] The Greeks
[14] Greek city states
[15] Greek Self-Government
[16] Greek Life
[17] Greek Theater
[18] Persian Wars
[19] Athens vs, Sparta
[20] Alexander the Great
[21] Review: Summary
[22] The Rise of Rome
[23] The Roman Empire
[24] Jesus
[25] The Fall of Rome
[26] The Rise of the Christian Church
[27] Mohammed
[28] Charlemagne
[29] The Norsemen
[30] Feudalism
[31] Chivalry
[32] Pope vs, Emperor
[33] The Crusades
[34] The Medieval City
[35] Medieval Self-Government
[36] The Medieval World
[37] Medieval Trade
[39] The Age of Expression
[40] The Great Discoveries
[41] Buddha and Confucius
[42] The Reformation
[43] Religious Warfare
[44] The English Revolution
[45] The Balance of Power
[46] The Rise of Russia
[47] Russia vs. Sweden
[48] The Rise of Prussia
[49] The Mercantile System
[50] The American Revolution
[51] The French Revolution
[52] Napoleon
[53] The Holy Alliance
[54] The Great Reaction
[55] National Independence
[56] The Age of the Engine
[57] The Social Revolution
[58] Emancipation
[59] The Age of Science
[60] Art
[61] The Conquest of the West