Short Stories

  • Posted on: 19 November 2010
  • By: admin

Reading and analyzing short stories is an integral part in the study of literature. Short stories are not only entertaining but also educative. Since the structure of short stories is often similar to that of novels, working with short stories will allow you to better handle novel study and analysis.

Many of the entries I post here have the full text of the story, with explanatory notes written in comments along the story, so you can understand the plot and key elements. Others have full-length explanations of the story and its key elements.
If you need refreshers on the different elements of short stories, here are some useful links. I also have an entire Glossary on elements of short story and figurative language. (See Glossary link under Study Guides)

Point of View:

View the videos to remember these important terms needed to analyze short stories. Note that, while there are numerous videos on YouTube about these elements, let's just say that some are better than others. These are the videos most high school teachers use as reliable resources.

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